Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk

The book begins with a quote from Mustafa Kemal referring to those who
write history and their connection with those who make history in the
sense of respecting their intention and loyalty. Making graphics of
the book follows the same idea.

“Writing history is as important a task as making history. If the
writer of history is not loyal to the maker of history, the result
will be a distorted version of/the truth.”

Structural concept of the book, - the grids, preparing the page
 in to a format that can be used in scores of marginal notes which help the
reader understand more easily and quickly certain ideas,
 names, or the characters to which the author refers. It was decided to use 
Chapter color (i.e. green and yellow-orange to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2)
 to convey a subliminal message of growing period and 
the fructification period.

Sleeve edge is used and also to present pictures to obtain more ease
the realization of imaginative of the book story by using graphic.

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